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CAMBRIDGE STUDY CONFIRMS: Doing BUSINESS without English is unthinkable

Gerti von Rabenau

Asking that question seems to be strange in our globalized world. But according to my experience in language teaching and in my role as a language school owner, companies assume and expect that by now nearly all their staff should speak enough English to survive in business so that they do not need to invest in language trainings for their employees.

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Your Personality Should Change How You Learn A Language

Gerti von Rabenau

If there is one thing I have learned over my long stint as a teacher, learner and promoter of other languages and cultures: If you want to learn a language successfully, the most decisive factor is motivation. If the learner is not motivated to keep learning outside the "lesson", the process is stunted. Equally negative for the learning progress is if the learner feels bored or specifically demotivated by the teaching method or monotonous activities during the “lesson”. So motivation is definitely the key!

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Gerti von Rabenau

If you were to take a snapshot of most people’s idea of visiting Germany on holiday, it would probably look something like a Brandenburg Gate-beer-bratwurst-lederhosen-brass band-pretzel-mountains salad! Let’s face it, when people from outside Germany consider a visit, for better or for worse, they really are thinking of Bavaria. As most will find their way to Munich, here are the top 6 reasons to not miss the beautiful Eastern Bavarian capital - Regensburg.

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