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Immigration Provides Solution for Nurse Shortage

Gerti von Rabenau

The demographic development in Germany has a clear future: people are getting older and there are fewer and fewer young, well-qualified workers to care for them.

Politicians React

Last year, The Federal Ministry of Health published a detailed article with statistical evidence, which responded to the grievances in the health care sector. Since January, the Care Enhancement Act, the first step has been made, to address this issue. (Sources: Link 1 and Link 2)

Immigration as an opportunity

One way to address the problem, is seen in migration. Even now many nurses who are coming for seniors are from Eastern Europe which typically lack sufficient German proficiency. However, it also raises a basic question: can language barrier hold back the patient's demand for quality care?

The basic requirement: Communication

Communication and empathy are considered the basic requirements for successful treatment and care. Only when the communication is correct, a relationship between the caregiver and the person being treated can be built.
That basis, however, usually communication is neglected - Unfortunately, in the recruitment of nursing professionals specialized training takes priority. The resulting consequences are clear: Dissatisfied patients and declining industry figures.

The solution: German for nurses

From my own patient's experiences, I know how important it is that you will be understood by caregivers - whether in hospitals or hospices. Therefore, I have developed a language course that is specifically adapted to the needs of nurses:

  • Mediation of linguistic basics
  • Substantive focus on the daily practice
  • Medical Vocabulary
  • Flexible course times depending on the individual

Depending on previous knowledge attaining advanced knowledge of German can take up to a maximum of 6 months, so that the labor force benefits from this fast course.

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