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Regensburg, Bayern 93051

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Business Communication Unlimited | Regensburg Deutschland Spracheninstitut, Englischkurs Regensburg, Deutschkurs Regensburg, Business English, Geschäftsdeutsch, Interkulturelle Trainings, und Blog.

Business Communication Unlimited | Regensburg Germany Language Institute, English course, German course, business English, business German, cultural programs, blog, news and more.

Learn German in Regensburg | Learn English in Regensburg.


Business German, German Courses, BCU German Language School Regensburg, Intercultural Training, Learn German in Regensburg

Language school Regensburg, english course Regensburg, german course Regensburg
Language school Regensburg, english course Regensburg, german course Regensburg

Language Training

Corporate language training is our core business. Based on our deep knowledge and experience in this field, we provide customized trainings for you and your staff.


BCU offers intensive and interactive German language trainings to your foreign staff to achieve fast learning progress and to survive in a typically German business surrounding.


BCU covers a wide range of branch-specific and practice-oriented trainings focusing on special vocabulary as well as technical terminology by integrating your own documents, reports and presentations into classroom activities.

LEARN English

BCU offers all the English communication skills that you need to be successful in a globalized business context. Our focus is on customized trainings: one-to-one or small group, online or blended, intensive or extensive, general or specific business topics.

LEARN Other Languages

Due to our very large trainer pool we can provide/organize trainings in nearly all languages, mostly on a one-to- one basis adapting to your staff’s individual requirements and goals.

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Instead of regular language trainings our customers’ demand for short workshops dealing with very specific business topics is definitely increasing. Therefore we have designed concepts for the following topics:


PHONe & email professionally

Telephoning and Emailing are part of our daily routine. So becoming a “pro” on the phone and expressing yourself politely to foreign customers and colleagues is of utmost importance. You will learn the most important phrases in no time and practice them on the spot in role-playing scenarios and interactive exercises.


Winning the deal or not! – that’s the big question. Your staff will be able to win it after our special training sessions. Here we focus on specific language so the terms are clearly understood. Also taught are, Intercultural aspects and taboos that can make you lose the deal without being aware of it!

perfect SALES

Selling on the phone, in writing or personally needs specific skills: expressing yourself correctly and politely, being sensitive to the reactions of your customer, integrating nonverbal elements into your argumentation as well as reading the body language of the person. We will make you aware of these extremely important sales aspects and you will learn by doing.


Customer is King – but is he? You can show this to your customers by training your service team how to treat every customer like a King, i.e. with respect and appreciation. On top of the proper phrases to be used, you will learn the tips and tricks of perfect customer service.

Make LEGAL texts understandable

Legal language is very hard to understand for a normal person. So we will work through texts relevant to you and your company in order to be able to cope with their contents without despairing. We promise – these texts are not as dry as you imagine if we treat them like friends.


As executives have to possess a wide range of skills nowadays we offer you an intensive or a regular training where you can discuss all the topics and options in your decision-making processes using the trainer as a sparring-partner who tries to make you aware of and prepare for the possible challenges involved. Absolute confidentiality is of course guaranteed!

be successful in Meetings

It seems that many executives and employees spend more than half of their time in meetings. To make this time effective and interesting we have designed this special workshop where you will learn how to chair a meeting, how to ask the right questions in the right moment, to comment without offending the other participants and to show respect to the speakers.

impress with Presentations

Your success certainly depends on the way you present your product, your company and yourself. You will be shown all the guidelines that help you create a fascinating presentation from the beginning till the end: how to formulate your outline and body to keep your listeners’ attention so the confidence in your communication skills grows – just do it!

Human Resources are a resource

HR departments have to deal with a great variety of human beings and tasks – so we have picked out the most relevant problems arising in this context and deal with them in a very interactive way. The focus will not only be on the proper language to use in interviews and staff assessment talks, but also on psychological, body language and intercultural aspects to treat your staff with appreciation and make them stay with your company.

conquer international Real Estate markets

Due to globalization the real estate market has become international. So if you want to work there successfully you will have to play by its complex rules. Therefore, this workshop will deal with the most relevant terminology, on negotiation and presentation strategies as well as customer service and small talk.

dive into Financial markets

It goes without saying that the financial markets have experienced real landslide changes due to globalization and the Internet. In this workshop you will learn how to cope with language challenges as well as specific financial vocabulary to juggle with in meetings, telephone conferences & conversations – not to forget reading & understanding the latest financial news!

intensive german intensive english intensive language learning regensburg germany business english business german regensburg

Intensive Crash Courses

With our Crash Courses we want you to learn the maximum in a short time interactively because then you retain it much better. And the topics are the ones you have to deal with every day.


5 Course Menu in BUSINESS English

Over the course of four evenings, you’ll learn the most important skills in Business English and get to taste international cuisine (and drinks) as well! With our innovative crash course you’ll find yourself communicating professionally in English in no time at all. Telephoning & Small Talk, Emailing, Presentations, Meetings & Negotiations.(Int - Adv)

5 Course Menu in German

Based on our successful 5CM in Business English we offer the same concept to your foreign staff who have learned enough German to cope with the 5 essential business skills in German (Int - Adv). Level B1 required.

4 COURSE MENU in Business english

This course relies on/uses the same concept as the 5CM but on a lower level (A2) and without including negotiations which require a more sophisticated language competence. (Beg)

4 COURSE MENU in German

This course relies on/uses the same concept as the 5CM but on a lower level (A2) and without including negotiations which require a more sophisticated language competence. (Beg)


Business trips are a very frequent “routine” of many executives and employees. So we will prepare you for your next trips and make you fit for all your encounters with partners and colleagues as well as meetings in a foreign context. You will practice the most important intercultural features that can make you lose the potential contract – this can be very private aspects of behavior you will be made aware of (eating out, bringing & giving gifts, accepting & making invitations, seniority principle etc.).

intercultural training regensburg germany inter-cultural training culture lessons germany

Intercultural training

Intercultural Trainings are a must in our globalized and fast living world. Our very practice-oriented trainings help you avoid the most embarrassing mistakes and ensure that you are perceived as the professional partner your customers expect to meet.


As you are in a situation of total immersion you will have to understand and learn how to decipher and cope with very typical German behaviour. We will provide you with the input and then practice by means of role-plays what you should or should not do in specific situations and settings. With a more developed sensitivity you will be able to avoid the worst “fauxpas” both in your private and business life.


As a soon-to-be expat you will have to learn a lot about your future country and surroundings as well as the specific needs and expectations of your new employer and your colleagues. Our native speakers and trainers will introduce you to their culture by simulating the most important situations and giving you the information needed to behave appropriately.

corporate language program learn language in germany business training regensburg learn german bavaria

Corporate Events and Programs

Depending on the changing requirements and wishes of our globalized players we are developing new concepts and events when we see the need for them.

team building language skills in a different context

Every company needs time for team building and strengthening unity, which is why we offer Joint AdVenture programs: team building, ropes course, cooking experiments, Superlearning, etc. with language learning all wrapped together.

language testing regensburg test prep germany

TESTING / test prep

Assessment of your language skills is getting more and more important – if for studying or for working in a foreign country or dealing with foreign partners on a professional level. We prepare you intensively for the most important international tests.


BULATS is one of the most recognized and respected professional language tests worldwide. It gives an exact proficiency level in your choice of English, German, French or Spanish. The test is divided into 3 options: Reading & ListeningSpeakingWriting. These can be taken individually or packaged together. As a BULATS Agent, we help you assess your company's needs by defining the language proficiency of your current and future employees.


TestDaF -Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache – is an international, centrally conceived and standardized Test for DaF in a university context and is above all aimed at

  • Students wanting to study in Germany,
  • Students who have to prove their German language skills in their home country,
  • Scientists planning to work at a university in Germany,
  • all scientific staff needing a certain level of German.

As the tests assesses the communication skills in the university context, the test tasks deal with the corresponding contents.

telc test PREP

Telc tests are offered for all CEF-Levels A1-C2 both in General English, English for Schools and Business as well as for specific skills like medical English and other professional areas like Hotel & Restaurants. Most tests exist as well in German and other languages. Preparation for the test level required is customized according to your language skills and your availability.

ielts test PREP

IELTS is a very renowned international English test which assesses all the four skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. This test is aimed at evaluating the language skills needed in your new foreign surrounding – for studying, working or in your free-time. It is recognized in more than 140 countries by schools, universities, companies and public institutions. Preparation for the test level required is customized according to your language skills and your availability.


translation localization german english regensburg germany translate german to english translate english to german translate documents

Translation / Localization Services

We offer various practical solutions to help your business run smoothly. 


print and online material

Translation & Localization is extremely important when finalizing multilingual documents, websites, flyers or emails., Ferienwohnungen, Ferienhäuser aus Deutschland, Europa und weltweit