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Dr. Gessler-Str. 37
Regensburg, Bayern 93051

+49 (0941) 5 68 11 80

Business Communication Unlimited | Regensburg Deutschland Spracheninstitut, Englischkurs Regensburg, Deutschkurs Regensburg, Business English, Geschäftsdeutsch, Interkulturelle Trainings, und Blog.

Business Communication Unlimited | Regensburg Germany Language Institute, English course, German course, business English, business German, cultural programs, blog, news and more.

Learn German in Regensburg | Learn English in Regensburg.


ENGLISH - Einstufungstest

Bitte wählen Sie einen Test aus, um Ihren Level entsprechend dem Gemeinsamen Europäischen Refenrenzrahmen (GER) zu ermitteln. Sie müssen nur Ihre E-Mail-Adresse angeben und können direkt mit dem Test starten. Am Ende des Einstufungstests erhalten Sie Ihr Level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1).


Please take one of our placement tests to determine your Common European Framework language level. You only need to choose your test, enter your e-mail address at the start of the test, answer the questions, and see your result at the end (Example: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1).

We are proud to promote the initiative of the Duolingo Test Center. Receive an official and internationally recognized language certificate for a fraction of the cost. Only $49 and 30 minutes of your time will give you a CEFR score which you can present to companies, attach to your LinkedIn profile and much more. "Results are comparable to other major assessments such as the TOEFL and the IELTS." Other languages will be made available soon. See below for the 3 different ways to get your certificate:

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