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Dr. Gessler-Str. 37
Regensburg, Bayern 93051

+49 (0941) 5 68 11 80

Business Communication Unlimited | Regensburg Deutschland Spracheninstitut, Englischkurs Regensburg, Deutschkurs Regensburg, Business English, Geschäftsdeutsch, Interkulturelle Trainings, und Blog.

Business Communication Unlimited | Regensburg Germany Language Institute, English course, German course, business English, business German, cultural programs, blog, news and more.

Learn German in Regensburg | Learn English in Regensburg.


BCU German Language School Regensburg, German Courses, Business German, Intercultural Training Learn German in Regensburg

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BCU is a language training company focused on corporate/individual language and cultural learning in a business context. We specialize in Business German and Business English language programs and courses.


Based in beautiful Regensburg Germany, we offer products and services both locally (in companies and at our headquarters) and internationally (by means of online technology).


We meet each individual and corporate client exactly where they are, using the communicative approach. Customization of language learning and services is at the heart of our business.


We are a team of highly qualified native speakers, language trainers and communication specialists with university degrees and teaching experience. On top of this, we insist on cultural and social sensitivity, creativity and innovation, sincerity and trustworthiness and a high degree of professionalism.


Since 1999, our passion has been human communication and mutual cultural understanding.

Fast-Track German  - for all foreigners who want to study or work in Germany as soon as possible. Due to our large trainer pool you can learn German with BCU Germany-wide in small groups (7-10 participants) intensively & interactively with experience trainers and state-of-the-art course books. We offer you optimal learning conditions and expect highly motivated and zealous students - then your learning progress is guaranteed!


The internationally recognized BULATS online test determines your language skills for professional or academic purposes quickly and reliably - which adapts to your level so you can not fail. BULATS is an extremely cost-effective test for students or workers who want to apply to multinational companies or are in multilingual tasks.

German for Medical Staff & Nurses

We offer specialized intensive German courses until level B2 for medical staff in hospitals and in senior homes as well as for 24h service in private households. These courses focus on enabling the medical staff to communicate adequately with patients and elderly or handicapped people to be taken care of.


These are the pillars BCU lives by.

  • To adapt to your desired location of learning, whether in company, on the go or at our training center.

  • To customize all learning programs and experiences to your specific goals and needs.

  • To better your intercultural approach and competency in various contexts.
  • To improve your communication skills quickly and memorably in the desired language.

  • To continuously innovate our learning methods by using state of the art technology.

  • To hire and develop only experienced and multi-qualified professionals and trainers., Ferienwohnungen, Ferienhäuser aus Deutschland, Europa und weltweit